Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes are so much fun – and whilst the children may not remember the first few, the photos last forever! Here are a few I’ve made with my husband for our daughter’s birthdays.

For her first birthday, we went with a Hungry Caterpillar theme.  This was iced white and then we used edible paints for the colour.  It took a LONG TIME but we think it was worth it.


This year she wanted a Frozen Peppa cake… so we did two tiers – one for Frozen and one for Peppa. We decided life was too short to make all the little figures, so Amazon delivered on that front…



For our niece’s second birthday we made a Dr Seuss themed topsy turvy cake.  Her favourite character at the time was Mr. Gump from One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish… and of course he rides a seven hump wump… not the easiest!


This year, she wanted Frozen with a mermaid… so we made a mainly Frozen themed one, with a little cove cut out for Ariel to be in.