Two Temple Place

Two Temple Place is London’s first venue to specifically showcase publicly-owned art from around the UK. I have made four bespoke resource packs for Two Temple Place.  The first was connected to their exhibition on William Morris in 2012. The second was for their exhibition “Amongst Heroes: the artist working in Cornwall”.  The third was made for their 2014 exhibition “Discoveries: Art, Science and Exploration from the University of Cambridge Museums”. Most recently, I made resources for their 2016 exhibition ‘Beyond Beauty: Transforming the Body in Ancient Egypt’.  I am currently working on resources for their 2017 exhibition.

The William Morris exhibition had strong ties to the primary National Curriculum, in particular the art and design units on ‘Mother Nature – Designer’, ‘Investigating Pattern’ and ‘Talking Textiles’. The focus on storytelling and myth meant that there were also links to Literacy and the cultural stories, myth and legend narrative units.  The William Morris Teacher Pack includes a variety of schemes of work and resources to support teaching in Art & Design, Maths and PHSCE. It has been designed to function as a stand-alone resource, which can be used year after year in schools.

The pack has been described as a wonderful resource and inspirational by those schools already using it.

The ‘Amongst Heroes’ Teacher Pack for KS2 was designed to accompany the exhibition and links it to the National Curriculum. It includes a variety of schemes and resources to support teaching in English, Art & Design and Music.

The ‘Discoveries’ Teacher Pack and the Egyptian Teacher Pack were made to fit with the 2014 National Curriculum specifications.

All four packs are available to download for free on the Two Temple Place website.